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Whether the kitchen is already your favorite room in the house, or you’re just learning where the kitchen actually is, here’s where you’ll find educational and interesting videos to help you take your cooking to the next level. Discover all there is to know about new cooking methods, or watch lessons on specific skills and techniques.

New Cooking Methods

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Your Skills & Techniques


Pressure Cooking Charts

The time saved by using a pressure cooker is obviously a huge benefit, but that is secondary to how your foods taste out of the pressure cooker.

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The Blue Jean Chef

Learn at Your Own Pace with Meredith

I’ve been teaching others how to cook for years and rely on basic culinary technique to make any home cook a great cook. The Blue Jean Chef Cooking School will help you build a solid foundation and develop skills that you can adapt to any cuisine or meal. Fun is an essential ingredient in my approach and guarantees that cooking will be enjoyable and relaxing. So, jump on board!

Let's Cook,Meet Meredith
What People Are Saying
  • I'm getting new great ideas from BJC for my new job cooking for a family.

    Lisa P.
  • Meredith’s recipes and video basics has given me the confidence to start cooking again.

    Jean L.
  • I’m learning new skills & techniques with every class!

    Betsy R.
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