Pomegranate Tangerine Prosecco Cocktail

This pomegranate tangerine champagne cocktail is delicious, festive and fun - how could it not be when there's champagne involved?!

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Two champagne flutes with a cocktail with a bottle of champagne and vodka in the background.

The Perfect Celebratory Cocktail

There’s no better way to celebrate a special occasion than with a delicious and refreshing cocktail. This pomegranate tangerine Prosecco cocktail is the perfect choice for any celebration. The combination of sweet pomegranate and tangy tangerine is balanced out by the bubbly Prosecco, resulting in a perfectly balanced and sophisticated drink.

Ingredients on a countertop - tangerines, pomegranate, pomegranate juice, cointreau, champagne, vodka and a cocktail shaker.

Seeding a Pomegranate

One of the key garnishes for this cocktail is pomegranate seeds, which add a burst of sweet and tart flavor and a little fun to the glass. You can often find pomegranate seeds already removed from the fruit in your grocery store, but if you only have a whole pomegranate, you can remove the seeds easily yourself. Learn how here, with a trick to keep you free from pomegranate stains too! 

A hand dipping a champagne flute into sugared zest to coat the rim. Bottles in the background.

Sugared Zest Rim

To add a touch of sweetness to the rim of your cocktail glass, you can sugar it with sugared tangerine zest. To do this, mix together 2 tbsp granulated sugar and the zest of one tangerine in a shallow dish. It’s best to use a microplane for the zest so that it is super fine. Dip the rim of the glass into the mixture, then gently tap off any excess. Totally optional, but a nice touch for a special occasion.

A blur of hands shaking a cocktail shaker with bottles in the background.

When to Shake a Cocktail

In general, cocktails that are made with all liquid ingredients including an acidic citrus juice, such as this pomegranate tangerine Prosecco cocktail, should be shaken. Shaking the ingredients helps to combine them thoroughly and create a well-balanced drink. 

Straining a cocktail from a shaker into two champagne flutes.

Topping a cocktail with champagne with bottles in the background.

What Prosecco to Use

Prosecco is a sparkling white wine that originates from the Veneto region of Italy. It is light and refreshing, with a subtle sweetness and delicate bubbles. When selecting a Prosecco for this cocktail, it’s best to choose a bottle that is dry or extra dry, as the sweetness of the pomegranate and tangerine will balance out the dryness of the Prosecco. Look for a Prosecco that has a fruity and floral aroma, as these flavors will complement the pomegranate and tangerine.

Two champagne flutes of pomegranate tangerine champagne cocktail on a marble counter with pomegranate seeds adn a few slices of tangerine scattered around.

How to Serve

To serve this cocktail, fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add 4 ounces of pomegranate juice, 4 ounces of tangerine juice, 1 ounce of Cointreau and 2 ounces of vodka. Shake well to combine the ingredients. Strain the mixture into a sugared rimmed cocktail glass, then fill to the rim with Prosecco. Garnish with a few pomegranate seeds and some pieces of tangerine. Serve immediately and enjoy!

Overall, this pomegranate tangerine Prosecco cocktail is the perfect celebratory drink. It’s easy to make and combines a range of flavors to create a sophisticated and delicious drink. It might just make you look for an occasion to celebrate… like, oh, it’s just Friday night! 

Two hands clinking champagne flutes filled with a pomegranate tangerine champagne cocktail.


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Pomegranate Tangerine Prosecco Cocktail

  • Prep Time: 10 m
  • Total Time: 10 m
  • Servings:


  • 4 ounces pomegranate juice
  • 4 ounces freshly squeezed tangerine juice
  • 1 ounces Cointreau Triple Sec or orange liquor
  • 2 ounces vodka
  • Prosecco
  • Pomegranate seeds
  • Mandarin or tangerine slices


  1. Prepare your wine glasses or champagne flutes. Use a microplane to remove the zest from one tangerine. Mix the zest of 1 tangerine with 2 tablespoons of sugar. Wet the rim of the glass with a slice of tangerine and dip in the glass in the sugar to coat the rim.

  2. Fill a cocktail shaker three quarters full of ice. Add the pomegranate juice, tangerine juice, orange liquor, and vodka. Cover the shaker with its top and shake vigorously for about 30 seconds.
  3. Using a strainer, pour the mixture into 2 champagne or wine glasses, filling the glasses two third full.

  4. Top the glass off with prosecco or champagne.

  5. Add some pomegranate seeds to the glass and garnish with wedge slices of tangerines.
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