Blue Jean Chef® 3-piece Knife Set

Blue Jean Chef

Every cook needs good knives in the kitchen, which is why I decided to launch the Blue Jean Chef® brand with a set of knives. The set includes an 8-inch Chef’s knife, which will be your best friend in the kitchen and the workhorse for all your meal prep. For the smaller jobs, a 3-inch paring knife is the perfect tool for the job. The last knife in the set is a 7-inch Nakiri knife with grooves along the side of the blade. This knife gives you a straight cut, but the grooves help prevent food from sticking to the blade. 

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Retailer Description

Blue Jean Chef Fully Forged Cutlery Set. The 3-piece knife set includes a 3″ Paring Knife with Sheath, a 7″ Grooved Nakiri Knife with Sheath and an 8″ Chef’s Knife with Sheath. These uniquely designed knives are fully forged from the tip of the blade to the end of the fully enclosed tang for superior strength and durability. Thoughtful soft touch handles resist slipping while the thick bolster in the center provides a natural balance while cutting.



Learn all about a Nakiri knife, including how to use it with a video lesson here.