Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade

This summertime refreshment can be customized to your own taste. Use only as much simple syrup as you need to achieve the level of sweetness you like. It's delicious on its own, or it can be spiked with a little vodka or gin for an adult lemonade.

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There is a market in Philadelphia that I used to go to where you could buy a bag of 9 lemons for $1. You couldn’t split the bag and only buy two lemons so I always walked home with 9. That’s when the saying “when life gives you lemons…” really kicked in for me. Of course when you have 9 lemons and only need 2, you make lemonade! But why make plain lemonade when you can make sparkling raspberry lemonade? That’s what I’m talking about!

Sparkling raspberry lemonade in a bottle and in a glass with a circle of lemon, a raspberry and a mint leaf.

How to Make Homemade Lemonade

There really aren’t too make tricks to making homemade lemonade. You can see a full recipe and video explanation here, but the good news is that you need very few ingredients – lemons, water and sugar. Juice your lemons, add water, sweeten it up and you have lemonade. Let’s talk about those ingredients a little more though.

Lemons being squeezed with a press on a cutting board.

Juicing Lemons

Lemons are one of nature’s gifts. They have a spectacular flavor and so many beautiful qualities. You can read all about lemons and tips and tricks to getting the most out of them here. Obviously, making lemonade requires squeezing a lot of lemons and depending on what tools you have in your arsenal, that could take a lot of hand and arm power or none at all. I like to use a handheld citrus squeezer to juice lemons and that’s what I used for this recipe. There are electric juicers, however, which are very handy if you’re making a big batch at one time. Once you have your lemon juice, you just dilute it with water and sweeten it with the next important ingredient – simple syrup.

Ingredients on a grey table - sparkling water, lemons, raspberries, simple syrup and mint.

How to Make Simple Syrup

Simple syrup is simply equal parts of sugar and water, mixed together so that the sugar has dissolved completely. Read all about how to make your own simple syrup and store it here. It’s as easy as boiling sugar and water together, but it should be cool when you add it to the lemonade, so be sure to either make it ahead of time or plan a strategy to cool it quickly – like pouring it into a shallow cake pan and popping it into your freezer for about 10 minutes.

Raspberries in a mini chopper.

Raspberry Purée

Adding the raspberry flavor to this sparkling raspberry lemonade is pretty simple too if you have a food processor or mini chopper. Process fresh or frozen raspberries with a little lemon juice until they are smooth. You can give the raspberries a taste at this point too. That will give you an idea of how much simple syrup you will be using to sweeten the final drink.

A glass measure and fine strainer on a table with raspberry purée in the strainer.

Remove Raspberry Seeds

No-one likes raspberry seeds in their teeth, so regardless of whether you use fresh or frozen, be sure to strain the seeds out of the purée with a mesh strainer before moving onward. Your strainer doesn’t have to be super fine, but you’ll need a relatively fine mesh to remove the tiny seeds. 

A bottle of sparkling raspberry lemonade next to a bottle of gin with a glass of sparkling lemonade in the foreground.

Lemonade Cocktails

Sparkling raspberry lemonade is delicious all by itself, but it also makes a refreshing cocktail if you are so inclined. It blends nicely with both vodka or gin. Start with 1 to 1½ ounces of your choice of alcohol in a tall glass filled with ice. Pour in the sparkling raspberry lemonade and garnish with a wheel of lemon, a raspberry and a spanked mint leaf (spanked to help release more of the oils from the herb). Go easy with the refills because this is the sort of cocktail that can sneak up on you!😉

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Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade

  • Prep Time: 15 m
  • Chilling Time: 20 m
  • Total Time: 35 m
  • Servings:
    8-ounce servings


  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 8 ounces fresh raspberries about 2 cups, plus a few for garnish
  • 6 to 8 lemons about 1 to 1¼ cups of juice, plus 1 lemon for garnish
  • 3 cups sparkling water 24 ounces or about a 750ml bottle
  • mint leaves optional


  1. Make a simple syrup by combining 1 cup of water with 1 cup of sugar in a small saucepan. Bring this to a simmer to dissolve the sugar and then cool completely.
  2. Juice the lemons, removing all seeds and pulp.
  3. Purée the raspberries in a food processor with ¼ cup of the lemon juice and strain through a fine mesh strainer to remove all the seeds. Use the back of a spoon to help push the raspberry purée through the strainer.
  4. Pour the strained raspberry purée into a pitcher and add the remaining lemon juice and 3 cups of sparkling water. Stir together and then add the simple syrup to taste, depending on how sweet you would like the lemonade. I like to start at ½ cup.
  5. Pour into tall glasses over ice, garnish with a slice of lemon and a couple of raspberries. If you’d like to add mint leaves, give them a slap between your hands before dropping them into the lemonade - this will help release the mint oil and a refreshing aroma.
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  1. 5 stars
    When I saw the title “When Life Gives You Lemons”… I was really hoping for a Lemoncello recipe.😉🍸

    1. H Leanne. Yes you can! If using stevia, use equal parts water and Stevia for making simple syrup. Splenda is much sweeter than sugar and stevia so use ¼ cup Splenda for every 2 cups of water. Add gradually to taste when using the simple syrup as both sugar alternatives are sweeter than regular sugar.

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