Kalimoxto (Calimocho) Cocktail

A Kalimoxto (Calimocho) cocktail sounds, well pretty awful, BUT it's really pretty refreshing and delicious! Don't knock it 'til you try it!

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Two stemless wine glasses with Kalimoxto drinks and an orange slice inside, with a bowl of nuts nearby.

What is a Kalimoxto?

I was in my mid-twenties when my father giddily told me about a new cocktail he had tried that I wouldn’t believe. He didn’t call it a Kalimoxto, but that’s what he described – a 50-50 blend of Coca-Cola® and red wine. I thought he was mad, but figured I’d give it a try.  I was shocked. It wasn’t half as awful as it sounded. In fact was really quite refreshing and delightful. Truth is, the Kalimoxto (also known as a Calimocho, which is much easier to read and helps you pronounce the word) is a drink from the Basque region of Spain. It was originally created to stretch and improve some not-so-great wine, but since then, it’s become a cocktail in its own right and is enjoyed all over the world.  You’ll find it actually tastes more like Sangria than you’d expect it to.

Wine being poured into a stemless wine glass with slices of orange, a jigger and cutting board near by.

What wine to use for a Kalimoxto

I don’t ever recommend using bad wine (which is a wine you don’t like), but I will suggest you don’t use really expensive wine for a Kalimoxto. Since the drink hails from Spain, it makes sense to use an inexpensive Spanish red wine. A Tempranillo or Garnacha would work well, but again, don’t break the bank. We’re mixing this wine… with cola… folks!

Topping a glass of red wine with coca-cola with orange slices and a jigger in the background.

Can I use any Cola in a Kalimoxto?

No. That’s the short answer. In reality, I’m not the boss of you and you can do whatever you like, but… please don’t use diet cola or flavored (like Cherry) cola. It’s just not right. Me, I’m all for Coca-Cola®, ever since I took the Pepsi® Challenge as a girl. I prefer the slightly less sweet flavor of Coke to Pepsi, but … I’m not the boss of you. (subtext: pick Coke). Add the cola after the wine and do not stir or shake. You want the bubbles in the cola to stick around as long as possible. 

Two kalimoxto cocktails on a counter with a bottle of coca-cola, a bottle of red wine and some orange slices in the background.

How to serve a Kalimoxto

Kalimoxtos are often served over ice with a lemon slice, but I like a slice of orange in mine. It adds to that Sangria flavor and looks pretty too. You could do one of each (lemon and orange) if you like. Then, serve with some spiced nuts, candied walnuts or warm olives if you really want to impress! 

Kalimoxto (Calimocho)

  • Prep Time: 5 m
  • Total Time: 5 m
  • Servings:


  • ice cubes
  • 8 ounces red wine
  • 8 ounces cola
  • 2 orange slices


  1. Fill two rocks or stemless wine glasses with ice cubes.

  2. Add about 4 ounces of red wine to each of the glasses. Add 4 ounces of cola to each glass. Do not stir.

  3. Garnish with an orange slice and serve.

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