Blue Jean Chef® 2-piece Knife Set

Blue Jean Chef

After the critical Chef’s knife and paring knife, these two knives are must haves! There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to slice through soft or crusty breads with an inferior knife and when you’re cutting anything else to go with your bread – cheeses, tomatoes, onions, fruit – the small grooved Nakiri knife or cleaver is a gem. These are two knives that will quickly become your favorites – they are mine!

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This Blue Jean Chef Fully Forged Cutlery Set includes both an 8″ Bread Knife and a 4″ Grooved Nakiri Knife. These uniquely designed knives are fully forged from a single piece of steel from the tip of the blade to the end of the enclosed tang. The thoughtful soft touch handles resist slipping while the thick bolster in the center provides a natural balance for comfort while cutting. They come in a gift box for easy gift-giving.

8″ Bread Knife: The serrated bread knife is critical for slicing through crusty breads with ease and for slicing soft breads without crushing them, making it perfect for baguettes, sourdough, bagels, buns, rolls, brioche and tender cakes. The bread knife is also helpful with slicing nightshade vegetables with tough skins like tomatoes and eggplant, removing the hard peels of large fruit like pineapple and melons and for chopping a block of chocolate into smaller pieces.

4″ Grooved Nakiri Knife: This knife is like a mini cleaver. With its straight edge, it should be used with an up and down cutting motion, rather than rocking or sawing. This knife has grooves on the blade to reduce friction between knife and food, allowing it to move through foods more easily and minimizing sticking to the blade. The Nakiri knife is perfectly designed for cutting through soft and hard cheeses, fruit, salamis and small vegetables.