Waffle Maker


Rotating waffle makers are my favorite because they ensure deep pockets in the waffles, using gravity to pull the batter down away from the cooking surface and into the waffle mold. The only struggle with having waffles for breakfast is making them fast enough, so being able to make two at once is fantastic.

More About This Product

Retailer Description

  • Creates two deep-pocket 1-inch Belgian waffles at the same time.
  • Dimensions : 15.50 L x 9.75 W x 9.30 H inches
  • 6-setting browning control knob ensures each waffle is cooked to order
  • Nonstick coating for quick food release and easy cleanup
  • 2 LED Ready indicator lights illuminate when each waffle is done
  • 1400 watts of power.UC Cubic Feet: 1.08


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