Blue Jean Chef® 6 Piece Steak Knives from Around the World Set

Blue Jean Chef

The easiest way to encourage your guests to comment on how tender their meat is, is to serve dinner with a good set of steak knives! Slicing through foods easily makes enjoying those foods more likely. This set of steak knives is a conversation starter at the dinner table, with everyone allowed to choose the steak knife inspired by their favorite country. 

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Retailer Description

The Blue Jean Chef 6pc Steak Knife Set includes 6 different designs inspired from various countries of the world. Each knife is labeled with the country that inspired the design and comes with a unique triple riveted wooden handle. The USA knife comes with an Oak handle, Italy comes with a Rosewood handle, Spain with an Olive Wood handle, Germany with Walnut Wood, Japan with Bamboo and France with Pakkawood. You’ll have so much fun comparing designs and admiring the beautiful wooden finishes at your next dinner party or cookout! Hand Wash. Made in China.

  • USA (9.875″ x 1″ x .625″, 3.2oz)
  • Italy (10″ x 1″ x .75″, 3.2oz)
  • Spain (8.875″ x .875″ x .5″, 1.6oz)
  • Germany (9.125″ x .75″ x .5″, 1.6oz)
  • Japan (9.375″ x .875″ x .5″, 1.6oz) and
  • France (9.625 x .75″ x .5″, 1.6oz,).