Blue Jean Chef® 3-piece Hammered Clad Cookware Set

Blue Jean Chef


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There are two things that are essential in the kitchen – good knives and good cookware. This is that good cookware that I rely on day in and day out. I love clad cookware because the layers of metal that are clad together give the cookware perfectly even heat conductivity and that translates into more even browning and better results from whatever you are cooking. This hammered clad cookware set gives you two of the most used pans in the kitchen – a 10-inch skillet and an 11-inch sauteuse.

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Your Blue Jean Chef Stainless Steel Hammered Clad Cookware set includes a 10″ Non-stick Skillet and an 11.5″/4.9qt Covered Sauteuse.  Both are incredibly durable and have been designed to last for years given proper care. The Tri-ply construction of the pans includes an outer and inner layer of premium stainless steel with a layer of highly conductive aluminum sandwiched in between. The multi-layered construction extends continuously throughout the pan to ensure excellent heat conduction at all points. The exclusive “DiaStone” – Diamond Reinforced Non-stick Coating on the 10″ Skillet is PFOA free and provides an easy to use durable surface for cooking that releases foods and residues easily. The pans also include beautiful “old world” hammered exteriors for a touch of elegance.

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