Flat Bottomed Carbon Steel Wok

Gold Tulip

If you have an electric or flat burner cooktop, you will want to use a flat-bottomed wok for stir-frying. The flat bottom will make contact with your burner and the carbon steel will conduct the heat effectively. 

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Retailer Description

  • Authentic Hand Hammered Carbon Steel Wok; our 14 inch hand hammered wok is made in China with the highest quality materials to the highest quality standards you should expect and has a flat bottom for a better balance and stability against the cooking surface
  • Disperses Heat Quickly and Evenly; traditional 1.2 mm carbon steel construction relatively light in weight for a more convenient cooking experience, has a long wooden handle that stays cool to the touch and a helper handle that makes the wok more manageable
  • Each Piece is Unique; handmade craft makes the wok more durable and the gradually sloping sides ensure food stays directly over heat source and facilitates tossing that can be done with any type of kitchen tools; perfect for at home or restaurant use
  • Large and Deep Professional Canton Style Chinese Wok Pan; excellent for stir frying vegetables, fish and rice, among other cooking techniques; inside surface of the wok becomes naturally nonstick after seasoning and with prolonged use
  • Rust Resistant once the wok is properly seasoned, always kept dried, and stored appropriately with a thin coat of oil; detailed and easy to follow seasoning instructions included


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