White Onions

Sue Rudland Art

We find onions in almost every recipe we make, so why not have them on the wall as well, in their most beautiful form. This limited edition, signed print is elegant and sophisticated. Its neutral tones will bring peace to any kitchen, no matter how crazy it may feel!

If you love onions, learn how to bring out all their sweet flavor by caramelizing them here or turning them into French onion soup.

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Retailer Description

Signed and numbered limited edition giclee print on fine-art paper. Supplied ready to frame with ivory mount (mat) and cellophane wrapped.

Size inc. mount approx: 35 x 31 cm (14 x 12 inches)

Edition: 50

Carefully wrapped in environmentally friendly packaging and sent by international mail.


£45 (currency conversion managed by credit card company)

Includes shipping & handling for both UK and North American destinations.


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