Countertop Water Filtering System


I’m a big believer in filtered water and I love my water room temperature (with the option to add ice, of course). This is the best water filtering system I’ve ever used and the water tastes great at the touch of a button.

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Retailer Description

  • Ultra Pure. Easily transform regular tap water into clean, extraordinary water.
  • Professional Grade Filtration. Removes 99% of lead and asbestos, as well asa 96% of chlorine, chloramines and 73 other harmful contaminants.
  • Ultra Delicious. Naturally occurring minerals in your water like Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium are retained by our selective Claryum filtration, leaving you with healthier, delicious water! Reducing acidic compounds and preserving naturally occurring minerals improve water alkalinity and overall pH levels for optimally hydrating water.
  • Ultra Fast. Traditional pitchers use gravity to slowly trickle water over filter granules. The Clean Water Machine joins Aquasana Claryum® filtration technology with power to filter water fast, right before your eyes.
  • Ultra Versatile. The system features a slim profile to maximize counter space. The 16-cup dispenser provides on-demand filtered water at the touch of a button.
  • Pure Performance. Fewer filter replacements. More clean, great-tasting water. One Aquasana Claryum® filter gives you 8x the capacity of the leading gravity-based pitcher at only 9.4¢ per gallon with Water for Life. Lasts 3 months or 320 gallons (whichever comes first)!


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