Salad Spinner


I stopped using a salad spinner for a while because the greens available in grocery stores were always coming triple-washed. Ever since I started growing my own lettuces, however, I’ve needed my salad spinner again, plus salad spinners have so many other uses too (washing berries, washing herbs, etc…). I like the push-down motion of this one since it’s so much easier than yanking on a string. 

More About This Product

Retailer Description

  • Easy, one-handed operation with patented pump mechanism and brake button
  • Soft, non-slip knob locks down for storage, and a non-slip ring and wide base keep bowl steady on countertop
  • Elegant, clear bowl is perfect for serving, and basket can be used separately as a colander
  • Clear, flat lid allows for convenient stacking when not in use, disassembles for easy cleaning, and parts are top-rack dishwasher safe and BPA Free
  • Capacity 6.22 qt bowl, 4.95 qt basket, Dimensions 10.5” x 10.5” x 6”


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