Candy, Jelly and Deep Frying Thermometer

Harold Imports

An instant read thermometer is part of every cooks arsenal, but it just can’t measure the temperatures that you need in order to make any sort of candy or fudge, or to measure deep frying temperatures. Having a candy thermometer is the only way to go, so it too is an important tool to have.

More About This Product

Retailer Description

  • HIC Roasting’s Deep Fry Thermometer ensures the correct oil temperatures so that foods cook properly inside and fry to a crispy golden brown outside
  • Made from glass with heat-resistant knob handle; easy-read face with protective sheath and safe temperature guide; food safe
  • Reads temperatures from 100 to 390-degrees Fahrenheit; perfect for deep frying doughnuts, French fries, fish, chicken, candy making, jelly, and more
  • Clip inside pot with point 2-inches into candy or oil without touching the bottom, cook food according to recipe
  • Clips to pot for hands-free use; temperatures in Fahrenheit and Celsius; compact for easy storage; hand wash in warm, soapy water


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