Blue Jean Chef® Chambray Wines

Blue Jean Chef

Having a nice bottle of wine on hand for special occasions is part of being a good host, but it’s also nice when that great bottle of wine doesn’t break the bank and can be enjoyed any day of the week. I worked with Vintage Wine Estates to create this collection of wines – 2 red and 2 white – which I think are approachable, some decadent, some refreshing and all delicious. I have always loved cooking and my Chambray wines are the perfect complement to any meal or occasion. Whether you are trying a new recipe, bringing it as a gift, or just hanging out with loved ones, grab some Chambray wines, get comfortable and have some fun!

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Retailer Description

  • Includes six 750-ml bottles of California wine
  • 6 bottles of 2021 Chambray Chardonnay, or
  • 6 bottles of 2021 Chambray Chef’s Sweet Blend, or
  • 6 bottles of 2020 Chambray Cabernet Sauvignon, or
  • 6 bottles of 2020 Chambray Pinot Noir 
  • All Award-winning wines