Blue Jean Chef® 4-piece Sheet Pan Dinner Set

Blue Jean Chef

The challenge to making a sheet pan dinner is twofold – having enough room for all the food you need AND being able to easily add food to the pan in stages. This set starts with a BIG sheet pan that will efficiently uses the rack space in any standard 30-inch oven. Then, three pans (one medium and two smaller pans) fit onto that sheet pan perfectly so that you can add different parts of your meal to the oven in timed stages. PLUS… all these pans work perfectly on their own too! The non-stick releases food like a dream and the thickness of the pan and rolled edges mean you’ll never hear your pan warp as it heats up.

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Retailer Description

Easily prepare delicious meals for your family with this smartly designed 4-piece Sheet Pan Dinner Set from the Blue Jean Chef®. Three baking pans nestle neatly into the 18″ x 13″ sheet pan, allowing you to create multiple dishes simultaneously without intermingling flavors. One end of each baking pan is extended to form a convenient handle, making it easy to add and/or remove foods that require different baking/roasting times. Each baking pan can stand on its own so you can use one or any combination of baking pans to fit your needs. The sheet pan’s rolled edges will help resist warping, even under heavy loads. The Quantanium nonstick surfaces of your Sheet Pan Dinner Set allows food to release easily, making clean-up a breeze. While all pieces of the Sheet Pan Dinner Set were designed to be used together as a set, each piece can be used independently. The baking pans work well for baking breads or cakes while the sheet pan is great for an array of tasks, such as baking cookies, breads, pastries or pizzas.

Available in Blue, Red or Gray.