Blue Jean Chef® 3-piece Stainless Steel Tong Set

Blue Jean Chef

Tongs are a tool a cook should never be without. I love using a short pair of tongs for absolute precision, but sometimes you need to stay a little farther away from your food. This set of tongs gives you options with three different lengths. I like tongs that lock in the closed position so that they are easier to store and these tongs are comfortable in your hand with silicone lined handles.

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The Blue Jean Chef 3-piece Stainless Steel Tong Set is the perfect addition to any well appointed kitchen. The set includes one 9″ , one 10″ and one 12″ tong – perfectly tailored to the most common kitchen tasks. Constructed of heavy gauge stainless steel, these tongs are durable and beautiful. And the soft grip handles help prevent slipping when handling foods. Each tong features scalloped tips that grip foods easily and an easy to use locking mechanism that keeps tongs compressed for storage. And they are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup!

Available in Denim Blue, Barn Red or Black.