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Margarita being poured into a tulip glass.
Frozen Margarita
Prep Time
5 mins
Total Time
5 mins
Whether you prefer the classic margarita or the frozen margarita, this is a summertime drink that is perfectly refreshing.
Course: Beverages
Cuisine: mexican
Keyword: Drinks, Entertaining, Ethnic Recipes, Classic Cocktails, Tequila, Triple Sec, Summer Drinks, Cinco De Mayo
Servings: 2
Calories: 292 kcal
  • 4 ounces tequila silver or reposado
  • 2 limes peeled
  • 2 ounces Cointreau
  • 1 ounces agave syrup
  • 1 lime cut into wedges or slices
  • kosher salt
  • 3 cups ice
  1. Combine the tequila, Cointreau and agave syrup in a mason jar and refrigerate for several hours to chill well. (This step is optional, but it does help to keep the ice from melting too quickly.)
  2. Rub a wedge of lime around the rim of the glass and the dip the outside of the rim of the glass in kosher salt.
  3. Put the peeled limes into the blender and pour in the margarita base. Top with the 3 cups of ice cubes and blend until smooth and slushy. Add more agave to taste and blend again.
  4. Pour into the salt-rimmed glass and enjoy!

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Nutrition Facts
Frozen Margarita
Amount Per Serving
Calories 292
% Daily Value*
Sodium 6mg0%
Potassium 102mg3%
Carbohydrates 30g10%
Fiber 2g8%
Sugar 20g22%
Vitamin A 35IU1%
Vitamin C 29.3mg36%
Calcium 33mg3%
Iron 0.6mg3%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.